Thursday, August 20, 2009

ded ded ded

The band I'm a drummer for, DEAD WIFE, has a tape out now, on tape label CAMPAIGN FOR INFINITY. Get one! Hooray!

Lisa Czech (who plays guitar in Dead Wife) and I collabed for the artwork. And here is is.

Unfolded front:::::

And here, Unfolded! It can be a small poster!!!!!!!!!!! (click to enlarge)

It was XeroXed on acid green office paper. the nice guyz at Copies Concordia even cut them for me.

We are playing a show next week in a basement for the Wicked Awesomes LP release. In celebration I drew two ninja turtles in love:::

all i've been drawing latley is gay ninja turtles, dragonball, and melted spy-VS-spy heads.


tallmansmallman said...

do you have any of these posters leftover? I'd love to buy one. I like most of your stuff on here, but that ninja turtle kiss is just too tender.

tallmansmallman said...

oh um, e-mail if you do.


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